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Can you take Amoxicillin 250mg & Cephalexin 250mg together? Or is it harmful? 1 of each 2x's a day?

This question has also been asked and answered here: Is it a problem to switch to Amoxicilin while taking Cephalexin?

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10 Jan 2012

I realize this answer is very, very late but may help someone in future.

Yes, you can take those doses of amoxicillin and cephalexin together. They are contraindicated to be used together.

domernick 19 Apr 2014

"Containdicated" means to withhold a medical treatment. The opposite of what you are suggesting.

10 Jan 2012

yes I apologize for answering this late also I can tell you that with my immune problem I have taken Cephalexin 500mg and Amoxicillin 500mg together, the only problem I encountered was my stomach other than that the two drugs together did not cause me any problems. two others that work well are also Amoxicillin and a booster dose of Augmentin XR this has worked well for me, it is my sincere hope that you start to improve. best wishes caringsonbj (Billy)

10 Jan 2012

THERis no problem taking the two of these drugs together... unless you have an allergy, of course, to either one of them
I will alert you that whenever you take two antibiotics together, there is always the chance of wiping out the good bacteria out in the GI system. So it might be a good thing to take probiotics or yogurt with live cultures while on these... good luck pup

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