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Can Warfarin affect blood pressure?


marjorie zych 25 May 2010

Not usually. If your INR level gets extremely high, usually above 6.0 sometimes your blood pressure can actually drop a little because your blood is to thin. I too am on Coumadin, it can be a very tricky medicine and has to be watch frequently. But it doesn't usually affect blood pressure so hang in there and keep checking those levels.

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WarfarinUser 8 July 2012

I am not a medical professional but my doctor has me on a dosage that will not go over 2.5. He said if it did go over that I would have an increased risk of internal bleeding. This leads me to believe that most people would never exceed that level and should never see there levels reach 6.0 unless they somehow are ingesting far to much Cumadin.

marjorie zych 13 Nov 2012

I have a blood clotting disorder that causes me to have extreme changes on occasion. It is not because of too much Coumadin per se but because of the way my body processes it. I am on brand name only now and I am still all over the place. I have a hematologist trying to manage it but it is my body.

macman33 9 Feb 2014

Warfarin is rat poison. It thins your blood and could mildly lower your BP, but I would not worry about it. A Blood clot would be 10,000,000 worse.

Dustyballs 10 May 2017

I wonder if the medicine that will stop birds wings and dog and cats nails from bleeding would work for humans on warfarin or coumiden and or is it safe for humans

Cjamke 15 Sep 2018

I understand this post is old but I want to set the record straight. Too much warfarin resulting in high INR can and does severely mess with your blood pressure, especially if you are older and have poorer kidney function or a disease of the kidneys. I say this from research and personal experience. I saw this more so in the morning. Symptoms included but aren’t limited to dark colored urine, reduction in Urine output, headaches, high and low swings in blood pressure, nausea, unexplained sweating and restless sleep patterns to name a few. If your INR reaches above 3.5 rest assured you will suffer. Studies done in 2017 have proven that blood thinners are being administered on patients with regards to a score system. It’s now become known that the score system alone is flawed. According to the article in some cases taking blood thinners can increase your chances of having a stroke. My experience has been mostly negative.


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