... white spots on her tongue that the dentist can not figure out what it is... she has been able to "scratch" them off resulting in a little tenderness... before we got some meds from the Dentist she was having a hard time eating... I think they are basically treating her for a Thrush like condition, but I am quite sure she does not have Thrush (it's only ever been on her tongue and it's gone on for months now, and no one else in the family has it)... They also said that maybe she is biting her tongue unconsciously and creating these sores - though she does not think so as she has been trying to pay attention to it... The meds the dentist gave her have beaten down the spots, but will not take them away completely (first was Nystatin then a lidocaine/Antac mixture)... Which makes me think that whatever is causing the spots is still there/happening... She has never had a grinding of the teeth or biting of her tongue problem... though she does sometimes twist her tongue when she's concentrating hard... And we think it may have started around the time she started taking her meds this past fall (she had Adderall first, then moved on to Vyvanse for the "smoother" afternoons) but she is not sure exactly when it started... She has been recorded to have a a slightly high blood pressure as well when she gets her check-up - which they are saying may just be nerves... She is about 150 lbs and almost 5'9"... (as a child she had quite a pronounced protruding belly with thin arms and legs, we are mostly vegetarian and eat very well - she's the one that eats meat in the family, and I am gluten intolerant), she has always had VERY large and fatty stools... she does love food but we keep her moderated... she's not the most active teenager right now, or self motivated... (although we are starting a workout routine)... She also has a slight ADD, but not ADHD - which is what I am seeing here as the most common purpose for this drug - she is definitely NOT hyperactive - she actually has quite a low level of motivation (we just figured it's the age and we try and help to get her moving around) - Could she maybe be having an allergic reaction to this drug that is showing up on her tongue? Or, because of all the other things, could this maybe be related to something else? Does any of this sound like normal health for a teenager?