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Can people become dependent on inhalers for their lungs to operate regularly (like combivent)?

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sva232 8 June 2010

I entered a study for inhalers approved by the FDA for COPD. Almost immediately, I became dependent on them. If I do not take them 4 times a day I become short of breath and/or start wheezing. Almost every morning, after 7 or 8 hours of no inhalers, I am like this. I continue to smoke, but I was never SOB or wheezing like this before I started using inhalers. Any answers?

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awtumnSC 4 Jan 2017

I have the same concern. My son went to an allergist because he had a constant sinus infection, some headaches, and periodic coughing(a couple times a week). His dr said he has asthma, prescribed an inhaler (daily and rescue inhaler), also flonase, and an antihistamine. After being on all 3 meds for a little over a month, he does feel much better. My issue/concern is, we ran out of his inhaler, and after just a few days my son was not stop coughing, for 2 weeks. So back on the inhaler. I am concerned the inhaler is doing more harm than good.

kellyandtodd 13 April 2010

I would not say people become dependent on inhalers i have asthma and i take mine because i know it helps me and if you notice that it helps you then just take it as directed,hope this helps

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itsmetoo2 12 April 2010

I asked the same question of my doctor. He said no... I said my dad died of Black Lung. He said Asthma and Black Lung are different. Now that I have been taking my medication (inhalers) as directed I feel so much better. I know I can go without, but I have found if I do, I do not breathe the same. The inhaler keeps the bronicals open and the heart works better, your lungs and all organs of the body work better.

Hope this helps

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