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Can or does benzocaine show up as false positive for cocaine in drug tests?

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Inactive 11 Apr 2010

It shouldn't have. If you test positive for something you did not take, always request taking a second test from a different batch of drug tests. Drug tests are not infallible and if one is bad from one batch, then others in the batch may also have the same error. If you still test positive, offer to have your hair analyzed.

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Friendneedshelp 12 Apr 2010

Thank you. Very nice. No one is testing positive here. Just needed to know if a product containing benzocaine could be misread. Hope you are right.

13th warrior 29 Mar 2012

I'm on drug court and really need a real answer plz! For those who don't know drugcourt is very intense probation!

Friendneedshelp 29 Mar 2012

Hey 13th Warrior:
So you know, benzocaine didn't show up as cocaine in my friend's test. Hope this helps you. Good luck with Big Brother and the other quasi-fascists that intrude daily on our freedoms and liberty.

subzero58 11 Apr 2010

hi friendneedshelp,no it can not,so think up a better excuse than that...

Inactive 12 Apr 2010

I got Your back on this one Pete. :-)

Friendneedshelp 12 Apr 2010

Thank you to 1st respondant. Very nice. Get bent to the 2nd & 3rd. Not an "excuse", you effing jumping to conclusion dipsh*ts. Merely a question for a friend who had a toothache, used Orajel, and had to take a test soon thereafter for work. Take your false positive judgmental BS and put it in a bad bad place. F U.

subzero58 12 Apr 2010

hi, now if you would have put that extra info the first time ,you were just a bit ambiguous on the original question. ask and say what you mean.if you answered as many questions as i have you would be a tad bitter. its tuff seeing all these hoped up wack'os i just want this web site to be a place where you can go for help. my bad,ment no disrespect... and i wana apologize to all the people who had to read all them nasty words...

Friendneedshelp 12 Apr 2010

I too apologize for my shorthand profanities (at least I used shorthand). But you jumped to an erroneous conclusion and I had to bust you. This is a touchy situation with A LOT on the line. So I and my friend are a bit tense. Understandable? Should be. Stick to answering questions forthrightly and leave the judgments to God. We are fallible. Him? Not so much.

sec sr 1 Oct 2010

not necessarily true he or she might not need help i recently tested possitve for cocaine and i have been using orajel for mouth pain and lidocaine patches for back and shoulder pain i lost my job and i feel sucicidal now my whole life has been turnd upside down i need help i also take linsopril metformin glpizide simvastin and amoxicillian and omperazole daily free discount card

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