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Can I die if I take too much Prazosin? And How many mg will kill me?

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Maddie2324 23 April 2022

I myself would love to know anser as I have saved a few months worth.ive had cameras in my bathroom and harassed to point a stopped chemo.harassment is so bad I cant control my bowels and I am being stalked.ive begged for legal help.ive hired a lawyer turned all over but only waiting on may Dr app.see when I was stalked to point I threatened for my life I stopped came out the cancer has spread so yes what is the correct dosage to overdose.cameras in bathroom was last point.and these people watched chemo all 12 hours and told me the whole time I needed to die.cancer spread so yes how much.ive begged for legal help but being my stalker is law enforcement I get none

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Masterofpoles14 20 Dec 2017


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LynGarl 8 Sep 2010

I don't think you can die from taking too much. I read of one study where a child had ingested quite a bit and had no significant rise in BP.

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Psyched 14 Aug 2009

Your question is rather disturbing, to say the least. I hope no one answers this for you as it sounds like you might intend on over-dosing. If you need someone to talk to about your problems, please feel free to let it all out here. We are all really good listeners/readers and no one is going to sit in judgement of you. I hope you are okay at this point and will in fact post again. I hope to hear from you again if you need some one to talk with.

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Ibmalor 24 Aug 2018

Yes i am going to take lots of pills and I hope it does the job. Thank you for your answer. free discount card

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