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Can humira cause diabeties?

3 Answers

Emily0709 14 Dec 2018

I was on humira for 5 years, became type 2 diabetic 3 years ago, was on insulin, went off humira 4ish months ago and I no longer need insulin, and my sugar was 92, 2 hours after a meal today, I truly believe humira does more damage than thought. Also just diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma at age 37.. been on biologics since 2010. I will say I was on it for crohns and i was in remission for a few years, although doing weekly shots of humira kept me down sick. Please please dont stay on this long term

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Lmasi28 25 Jan 2018

I was on Humera for a year and a year after that Psoriasis free Clean eating and healthy No Diabetics in my family and at 45 Bamm!Type 1 Diabetes so yes I believe it and I’m trying to find others as well that this drug did this to

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Kyron 1 Feb 2018

Same here been fine until I started it now I'm Type 2 Diabetes !

Marvell 23 Sep 2010

Diabetes or high blood glucose is not a known side effect of Humira ... however it may be causing it. Please discuss this with your doctor.

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