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BuSpar - does it work for sexual stamina?

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Savageb12 18 July 2022

My libido has actually increased while taking this medication.

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Alex1979 5 March 2013

Actually, I use buspar for my ssri induced sexual dysfunction. I wouldn't say it works for "stamina" per se, but it does improve sensation of the orgasm. Not the libido or erection that much.
I only take 10 mg at night. Taking it three times per day only lessens efficacy ( go figure)... Weird thing only one brand works for me (Mylan). It is very cheap... Can get a months supple for $10 or less. Let me know how it works if you take it.

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DzooBaby 5 Feb 2013

Pledge is correct. It is more likely to hinder you further. Buspar is given for anxiety. It wont help you with sexual stamina.

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Inactive 5 Feb 2013

Hello dman2013. No. The opposite holds true. The vast majority of people taking Buspar, report (sexual side effects) a lack of libido in both females and males. For men, delayed ejaculation, and ED (erectile dysfunction)

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markosf 12 April 2015

If you're still following this thread, what is your source for most people report sexual side effects? I'm wondering because Buspar is supposed to help if anything. I was previously on Pristiq and Wellbutrin XR for depression/anxiety. When my doc added Wellbutrin, it was life changing for my sex life. I was taken off Pristiq for reasons not related to this post, and this week my doc added Buspar since anxiety is my main problem. Only two days later I notice decreased libido, some erectile dysfunction, etc. Could this be the Buspar already?

kaismama 5 Feb 2013

Buspar is an anxiety medication.

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