I was on 60mg my first two months. Extremely dry lips was really the only problem (my skin was SUPER oily before, so now it's a comfortable dryness). Anyways, my last appointment was 6/25 and I had ran out of my Claravis about 4 days before that. Then it took another two days for me to get my Claravis. So about 6 days without it. I started my new month on 80mg. It's 6/30, and the last three-ish days, my lips have been significantly less dry... could this be a result of my body just adjusting to the drug, or the drug not being absorbed well, or what? I've been drinking a ton of water, maybe that's just really helping? I'm just worried my body isn't absorbing well because I've also broken out a bit and my lips aren't nearly as dry... Should I not worry?