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If my blood pressure is 155/96 what does that mean?


kaismama 30 May 2013

Your bp is to hi and you need to see a dr. There are several things could be causing itbut your dr will figure that out.

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cupcake7667 30 May 2013

Ditto as always with KM. Hypertension is 140/90. It could be dietary, smoking if you smoke, stress. Again, like KM said, many contributing factors. But you definitely want to get it checked out as hypertension can lead to a stroke if its not treated properly. Sometimes, if this isn't usual for you, you could have you doctor take it twice. I know it's silly but there is "the white coat syndrome" which is a phenomena where ones BP can be elevated due to anxiety just from being at the doctors. I've been late before and I run looooow... but when I rush in and can feel my heart pounding I may be 135/96 and then they take it after I'm calm it will drop to 110/74. Just a thought. But please check it out for your peace of mind. Best of luck!

taragrav1 31 May 2013

Thanks for you thoughts..i dont smoke and never have.. i think it might be anxitiy and i got to my doctor on the 3rd. is there any medition that you know that might help with my anxitiy? free discount card

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