I am on Lolo birth control pills. I started my new package on Monday as I always have (haven't missed any pills) and then I had unprotected sex on Wednesday and took my pill at my normal time at 10pm. Then on Thursday night I also took my pill at the normal time 10pm, however, at around 12:40 midnight I woke up with an extremely upset stomach and had really watery diarrhea. I decided to be safe I would take another pill so I took the next day's pill incase. Then around 4:30 am I had diarrhea yet again, but I figured since it had been more than 3 hours it had been absorbed. I am still super worried that maybe it didn't absorb on time, and I know the beginning of the package is the most important however I technically did not miss any pills and have taken the rest as normal. Should I go get plan b? Tomorrow is the last day it would still be effective although I really don't want to have to take it as I hear the side effects are awful but I also do NOT want to be pregnant. Anything helps! Thanks :)