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Benzonatate - can this drug cause heart palpitations?

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Goldie51 24 Jan 2020

I took benzonatate and had heart palpitations. I felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. It wasn’t anxiety... just a horrible sensation. I stopped taking it and I am fine now.

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Inactive 4 Dec 2011

Hello Icnasta. I really don't know. I know it can play havoc with your blood pressure. One of the members of our commnuity, her name is ukliz, just not 3 days ago began too take benzonatate, and she has suffered from various ailments, as well as rapid heart beat, cough. On top of the page is the heading for community members. If you enter her name, you might add on to any of her threads, once doing so, she will know that you've left a message. Or you might friend her, and she might then be able to offer you her thoughts and you can then ask her a question, your concerns. She is a kind, giving individual who is one that if within her capacity, helps best she can. Best of wishes,

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suzanne66 4 Dec 2011

Palpitations from Benzonatate has not been reported as a side effect.
You should talk with your doctor if these symptoms persist.

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