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Benzocaine - Can I take Orajel while on tramadol, naproxen and gabapentin?

3 Answers

chuck1957 11 Jan 2016

CLARE; yes there should be no problem but if you continue to have this pain if its the teeth or whatever you should get it looked at what you are already taking should take care of this pain. IF YOU DO HAVE TO GO SEE A DENTIST make sure you take a list of all the medications prescription and over the counter that you are taking.

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Delila 12 Jan 2016

Good tip Chuck! My dentist always checks what medication i am taking when i have an appointment, and i often forget one or another!

clare ord 12 Jan 2016

Thanks Chuck, big help

chuck1957 15 Jan 2016

Never a problem please come back anytime we can help, We have some of the best people right here I feel that is why i stay at this site.

Tammystalkingnow 7 Jan 2016

I find no reason you cant!! I dony sss jow they can react so you should be gone@@!

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PepperM 7 Jan 2016

Yes you can. A year ago I started having problems with two back teeth. I was taking gabapentin norco naproxen and a gel called hurricane that the dentist gave me. Hurricane is like prescription strength orajel and 5 times better. Just be careful while on these pain numbing meds if you have a broken tooth or pain. I ate peanut brittle when my pain went away and ended up breaking an already broken tooth. Ooch! So yes you can take all the meds you mentioned together. Pepper

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clare ord 7 Jan 2016

Thank you Pepper. I have a slipped disc in my neck so am on strong meds and now I have a chipped tooth! Agh!!
Thanks again free discount card

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