I feel so embarrassed about this, but I'm hoping someone out here can help especially if they have the same situation as me. I did anal to vaginal sex back in October - I know, not smart of me! I'm 100% positive this caused me to catch Bacterial Vaginosis. I was tested positive for it in November after experiencing a LOT of discharge and itching. No other symptoms. I did one prescription of metronidazole, but it didn't seem to do anything except relieve the itching. I still have a lot of discharge and I feel cramping in my lower abdomen area over the last week. I have another prescription coming, it's still the metronidazole but instead of taking it by mouth I am trying the gel. Has anyone else experienced this type of bv? I tried to google it before coming here, but the only thing I found was that anal to vaginal sex that causes bv is more difficult to treat. I couldn't find anything about other medications to try and cure it. I'm also wondering if I'm in the beginning stages of pelvic inflammatory disease. I'm hoping not since I've taken antibiotics already. But I appreciate any insight, recommendations, similar experiences and outcomes. I know my stupidity caused this for me, but I'm trying to stay hopeful that I can get rid of it soon!