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Aqua blue capsule no markings.over medium size little big what is it?


Plain Jane 15 Apr 2011

It is impossible to ID any pill online without an imprint - sorry. All Rx and OTC drugs in the US are required by the FDA to have an imprint.

Your pill could be one of the following: diet, energy, herbal, vitamin, illicit or foreign.

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tijerino 20 Apr 2011

thanks, so u say most likely its illegal drug.. Do u think its a antibiotic? yah it has no markings on it . adria.

dg1996 30 Oct 2014

Keep in mind that there is no way to confirm the content of the pill you were describing; however, I found a bottle of pills my husband was hiding that look like what you were concerned about and it is called PenaTropin. It is for a male. The bottle says 3 phase vasodynamic size amplifier. Used to increase size / intensify pleasure / increased rigidity. He has been cheating on me for years and because of his infidelity I have nothing to do with him. You can google it and see if it is what you found. It is filled with a brown powder.

MK321 25 Aug 2019

If it is a solid pill, blue, capsule shape (not a capsule), with no markings... Just a solid pill, smooth surface on both sides. No indent line going through middle on one side.
... It's only a diet pill, per my friend who takes them.

But... If it has that indented line in middle on one side, I believe, after looking online for a minute, that it is possibly a pill for men who have issues with E.D.

I just realized this question was from years ago...
Re-read because my phone did something crazy (it's possessed and hates me)...

Decided to post anyhow since it may help another looking for same info.

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