I was prescribed propranolol to use when I have elevated anxiety, rather than using a benzodiazepine, during the initial start up with Lexapro. I have used propranolol in the past too, even if I wasn't using an SSRI. I am naturally very slim and haven't had a weight problem ever before. But I do notice that when I take propranolol, I get heavy thighs and also weight gain around my abdomen. It seems to be water weight, as it comes on really quickly and I don't increase what I eat, which is a healthy diet. I also attribute this medication to some eczema that I have on my upper chest. Again, never had this skin condition before and it seems to be more than a coincidence that it has started with this drug. It's a shame about these side effects, as it helps so much with anxiety. Just wondered if anyone else has this.