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Has anyone taken meloxicam and CBD oil?


chris_birdsey 14 Oct 2017

yes im on it now because sav on pharmasist called the dea on my doctor lol. i was taking 3 somas a day with one marinol fish tablet. mel 7.5mg its like a prescription ibuprofen, and the cannabis does the most for me, but my ssi pays for the marinol its 999.00 for 30 pills this one is a life savor if i could have only one pill for rest of life that would be the one. Out of all the muscle pills somas are the best it really changed my tightness overall mind and body and i think thats what they want you to be in need and OxyContin keep you coming back, the mind is so powerful it can heal anything if it gets the right message to relay to heal the body part at its cells.

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