I have been on Lexapro twice in my life and am so frustrated with the nasal congestion! Both times shortly after beginning the medication it starts out like a cold where I have a lot of mucous and am blowing my nose often, can't smell, taste, etc. Then it's like my nose dries up but my nose is still blocked. This has been all day long for months. I have literally tried every OTC med there is and nothing works. The odd time sudafed will work but not every time. It is so very frustrating as I can't taste my food. I decided due to all the side effects I was having I would taper down and get off Lex. I now have the blocked nose in the morning and night but have a bit of relief during the middle of the day. I am hoping and praying this goes away with time. If anyone has experienced this and has any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!