... my mom's container of alprazolam. I opened the container and dumped the pills in my hand to count them. counted them several times, dumped them back in the container, and then dumped them into my hand two more times, double and triple checking the number. It was 28 last night and this morning it was 26, which means she took two 2mg tabs, which I could not believe. So I kept recounting. She is only supposed to take one as needed. (I was counting them because she has dementia and I am worried about her either not taking enough of her medications or taking too many of her medications.)
Anyways. I came home to my place right afterwards. About an hour later. I felt like I was drugged and out of it. weak, and really uneasy standing up. I felt so out of it I went and laid down on my bed for a few minutes (this was 11am) But, basically passed out asleep and woke up 3-4 hours later.

Handling the alprazolam is the only thing I could think of that would have caused me to go into that state I was in. Except that I did not take any of the tablets, just handled them?