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Is alprazolam used for vertigo?

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saddles243 3 March 2022

It works beyond question!!! Using it has saved my life from misery!!! It is hard to get prescribed now, psychiatrists steer away from it even though it works basically all the time with a proper dosage,

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RuthieWilson 12 Dec 2019

100% - Unfortunately, not every doctor knows this and I have no idea why! My family doctor is a migraine specialist and a sleep specialist and is well known. He said this is one illness that when doctors get together they can not definitively tell you what is causing the vertigo in most people. Yes there are the attacks with the crystals floating in your fluid and messing up your balance and the Epley Maneuver works and then there is the other that is not caused by that. Antivert works for some but has never for me. Some Doctors try sterroids, that does not work for me. He prescribed Xanax instant release at first .25 and I honestly can't remember how many I took but it worked within a couple hours. I have been taking .50xr (extended release) before bed for three years and have been fine. Lots of stress lately and it has gotten worse. I take .50 instant release for spin in am and go back to sleep and it's gone in an hour or two.


The majority of my attacks have always come on when I am actually RELAXED after all the stress is gone. No idea why. Had MRI's, Cat scan nothing there to be causing it. If your doctor says no it doesn't FIND A NEW DOCTOR! But as with anything be careful how much you take. Increase slowly and do not abuse. If at any time you feel jumpy like you need it and you do not have vertigo... don't take it you don't need it.

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Zabo 11 June 2021

Love the sentence at the end... ”don’t take it if you don’t need it”. How true that sentence really is. Great post too. Helping others is what a lot of people do on the app and you are one of those contributors. Thanks for sharing what you know to be true & to that which has helped you in defeating this vertigo issue. People suffering really need to hear real answers.

RuthieWilson 12 June 2021

UPDATE... someone comment on my post and here it is 2021. I want to say I have had a lot of things going on in the last nine years. I have tracked this and wanted to share some things. While I had Vertigo from Stress and the Xanax worked, there are other types of Vertigo. While it has not worked for you there are many people that I have talked with that simply take an antihistamine and it helps them. Weather and allergies cause their Vertigo. Since this date I have suffered Benign Positional Vertigo. That is where the room is literally upside down. This is from the crystals in the inner ear that break away and are in the fluid disrupting your balance. I simply get to my doctor who knows the Epley maneuver, he does it and it take it away. However, he first has to give me a shot of anti nausea medicine before he does it and it is very sickening and scary. You also know that you have this type because you have nystagmus in your eyes. You can feel it and the Doctor can see it.


Fast forward to this past year. It was happening every three weeks out of nowhere. Went to the doctors and the Epley Maneuver did not work and we both noticed something. I did not have nystagmus. Hmm... I kept track of it. I also notice it was when I put my head back or forward and to the side, yet I could walk around. HORMONAL!! I started menopause and there is not other explanation. After it goes away within a week I slowly start to get amazing energy like I'm in my 20's. It's horrible but hopefully you will find which one yours is. It is a horrible feeling.

Sandra1962 15 Oct 2019

I have been dealing with vertigo for over two months and have also dealt with it three years ago. I am reading that Xanax helps but my question is white dosage? Please help Thank you

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randyrhoden4 3 Nov 2018

I too suffer from vertigo, almost on a daily basis and I accidentally found out how Xanax can help with the symptoms of vertigo when I took it for something else and it cured the symptoms of my vertigo. I only take it when it gets bad but it helps tremendously.

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Jennykaye 30 Jan 2018

I currently suffer from chronic vertigo. I am in the beginning stages of seeing an ENT doctor and a neurologist. Currently I find if I take 2mg xanax before I go to bed it keeps the vertigo under control. If the vertigo appears when I wake up in the morning I will start with 1mg xanax and go up there from there to subside the dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Dr.'s have yet come to a conclusion on what is causing this severe vertigo. CT scan has come back normal. MRI is next.

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papasam 18 Nov 2012

Yes it can be used for the treatment of vertigo. It works to treat anxiety which can be a major cause of vertigo.

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erical 3 Jan 2014

It absolutely works for Vertigo. I have a swollen nerve in my brain causing an equilibrium imbalance, which made me unable to walk or function at the age of 27. I am now 30. I went to neurologists, ENTs, had 5 MRIs, balance function tests, hearing tests, a spinal tap and a great deal of blood work. Steroids were unable to shrink the nerve that caused the "vertigo like symptoms". Valium did not help me or any other medication. I have been on Alprazolam (Xanax) for three years now and can function day to day. So, before you call Alprazolam a drug only used for anxiety do your research, it absolutely changed my quality of life. If you call that addicting than I suppose you are addicted to food, water and shelter.

cocod3144 5 March 2014

Xanax is used to treat vertigo. I have three children and was unable to function or care for my kids before being prescribed this medication. Take it at night before you go to sleep. It changed my life.

Inactive 17 Nov 2012

Hello sholie,

No, it is not , plus alprazolam is very addicting.

Alprazolam is used in the treatment of anxiety; depression; panic disorder; tinnitus; dysautonomia and belongs to the drug class benzodiazepines.

Click on the link for a list of medications for Vertigo:

Take care,


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Inactive 17 Nov 2012

Hello sholle. Yes, it can be. Since Vertigo causes severe panic/anxiety and Alprazaolam is created and used for panic/anxiety situations. Regards pledge

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