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Can u take aleve or advil while on a blood thinner warfarin?

4 Answers

petsaremylove 5 Feb 2015

You always need to check with your doctor before taking any medications. Tylenol is the only prn medication my doctors allow.
I have osteoarthritis pain in my hips and knees - I am on Celebrex which also affects my INR - because it is a once a day routine medication we have adjusted my warfarin dose to maintain my INR at safe level.

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dion house 6 April 2015

I'm taking 11 mg of warfarin daily. Take narcotics on occasion for the pain. But if I could take aleve I would not take anything else. Except my warfarrin. But I am told that I can bleed out without knowing.

SHEsevEN4 5 Feb 2015

Check with your Doctor, he will know what you can take, but don't take aleve or advil on warfarin.

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Inactive 12 Aug 2014

My doc said acetaminophen (tylenol) only, and not too much of that, either.

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kaismama 11 Aug 2014

No, it would increase the clotting time.

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