I'm currently taking Paxil 40 mg for anxiety, depression, OCD, and BDD. Things are going well besides the fact that my Libido is low and I have low energy. I have heard Wellbutrin can help with this So I tried it with my Paxil for about 5 days,I took both the Paxil and Wellbutrin together in the morning. I felt a a period of depression on day 3 and than on day 5 I had a more severe period of depression and I knew this was the Wellbutrin because Paxil eliminates the depression for the most part for me. So I stopped taking Wellbutrin because I was about to start a new job and couldn't afford to be depressed with no energy. In those 5 days I didn't feel any boost in libido or energy as I hoped I would. I take Paxil at night now so i'm more clear headed and have a bit more energy during the day. I wonder if I tried taking Wellbutrin in the morning would I have success with it since it's spaced out by 8 hours from taking the Paxil. What do you guys think?