i started taking Adderall for AADD nine months ago. I broke out in lesions on my scrotum and arms. My right arm swelled and my shoulder became very painful. I went to my Doctor who said it wasn't a drug allergy and She didn't know what it was. Several months latter I went to see he again, extremely ill. I was debilitated, having severe muscle spasms in my hands, feet and legs. I had severe kidney impairment and my right eye was nearly swollen shut. She now told me that this was caused by my diabetes, which has always been under control and my A1C is always normal or close to it. Next. I developed a very thick gluey Coat on my tongue. Finally, I realized that these were symptoms of fungal infection. I went to see her with this idea. She told me that my tongue looked normal to her but she gave me a 7 day course of fluconazole. Thing began to improve immediately but not completely. I returned just before the Fluconazole ran out and told her what was happening. I thought it obvious that all of this was caused by fungal infection. After explaining to her my theory she once again told me that my tongue looked fine but gave my more Fluconazole and referred me, at my request to an infectious disease specialist. That day I went to my ADD prescriber and told her my theory. She thought we should change medications so I started on Vyanase. The infection which was almost gone came back with a vengeance. Fortunately, I had the new Fluconazole prescription, and things are steadily improving after I switched back to Adderall. I do realize that these medications do not cause the fungal infection but rather seem to change the body's PH and delicate flora balance. This is why I'm following up with the Infectious Disease Specialist. I haven't been well for years with a variety of symptom. I have read studies which indicate Amphetamines cause fungal infections in rats and yeast infections in Women. Has anyone else has a similar experience or know anything that could shed light on this process?