I only got diagnosed in July this year with ankylosing spondylitis but pain bad on and of since April 2021, I live in the uk
Physio kept saiying it’s fibromyalgia, I said it wasn’t but cutting a long story short I got diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis at age of 63 I have had fibromyalgia and ME for 13 years and osteoporosis since 2012 but I was told something triggered it and had it longer.
I am allergic to most medications, affect my stomach so rheum said this one, only side effects chest infections and UTI but nothing major.
I have IBS (D) and C since gallbladder out
I know it’s a strong drug but I haven’t been told much else, I take vitamins, but in family cancer and stroke and heart disease in father and mother ( mother cancer dead age 51 )
Father 60 ( heart attack and drowned abroad) sister died of (Vasculitis in 2019 age 55 )and my cousin has Leukemia she is 56.
Anything I need to tell rheum as she knows all this but just asking for piece of mind
Thank you