Did anyone get a flare up after coming off accutane. I've been off it for about 2 weeks and noticed it coming back and after being on it for a few years and worried this is it for me. My skin oil production is coming back. Overtime I started reducing it id get a flare up hence why i was on it for so long, last feb i was put on 30mg a day and all last year had muscle and back pain which i couldn't put my finger on until early this year so i went down to 20mg per day then a month later 10mg then a after that i just stopped nut noticed a small flare up on my scalp initially which has calmed down a bit my now my face is back to producing loads of oil and I'm getting white heads again, I just don't know wether to wait a few more weeks to see if it calms down or contact my dermatologist. My back pain is still here also. As anyone with acne would know to go 4 years with great skin then end up with it all coming back is disheartening plus the amount of money spent on a dermatologist who isn't cheap. Anyone able to enlighten me? Is it normal to get a flare up after stopping treatment.