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Accidentally left Bydureon out of fridge for a couple of hours. Can it still be used?


trishtlc 16 June 2013

I know how you feel!! You've spent all this money. But if you're talking about a couple of hours and it wasn't in direct sunlight I wouldn't worry. Afterall, I have mine shipped and during that time it isn't refrigerated. I think it may be aittle cool but not refrigerated. My problem is more with the temperature I keep my refrigerator at. It's 38 degrees inside. :)

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endlessPred 18 April 2013

Sorry no one got in touch. If it did not heat up, warm environment over 80 degrees, I wouldn't worry. Much of the refrigeration is for preserving the insulin. However, when in doubt call the pharmacy. They will let you know right away what is best.

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