For the past five years I have been on adderall and lexapro, however, I have only taken my adderalll because I can't stand the side effects that pair with the lexapro. After many episodes of feeling up and down I finally was honest with my doctor and told her her that I love the adderall and have not taken the lexapro, but am tired of feeling really up or really down. She diagnosed me with bipolar disorder and switched my meds to only abilify, once a day. Since I have been taking adderall for so long I have become partially dependent on it. I'm wondering if abilify will have the same effect, as far as helping me focus and accomplish what i need to get done with energy. However, I also want my mood to be stable, and not so much of a roller coaster. Any feedback on how abilify works or makes you feel would be great, thanks!