Hi guys, I am new to this website and have a couple questions about Lexapro. Let me give you background. I am a 25 year old female (5'3", 120 lbs) I first started Lexapro at age 23 for depression in April 2012. After 8 weeks, my body adjusted, and Lexapro worked amazingly with my chemistry. In April 2013, I experienced a lot of crippling anxiety, so my dosed was up to 20 mg. For severe anxiety, I'd say this dose worked perfectly for me. It has been almost 4 months that I have been completely off Lexapro; however, I am reconsidering going back on Lexapro for mild anxiety. When I had severe depression, 10 mg worked great. When I had crippling anxiety, 20 mg was just the ticket. Now, I would say some stressful life events have left me with "mild" anxiety. I can deal with it, but I sometimes come home from work and find it impossible to relax. (Even after square breathing exercises, anxiety hypnosis, yoga etc). I have reservations about going back on Lexapro because the 8 weeks, before body adjusts to the lexapro, are very exausting, long, and difficult for me to endure. My appetite comes and goes, and I either experience insomnia or hypersomnia. However, I'm not sure if those 8 weeks will be worth it for mild anxiety. Also, I was wondering if 5 mg of Lexapro would make the 8 weeks more tolerable because it is a small dosage. Additionally, how effective you guys think 5 mg would be for my situation? I should include that I am moving to California in the summer time and plan to get a medicinal marijuana card because I find that to be the best treatment for my mild anxiety, but that is almost 5 months away and I do not want to wait that long. I know a lot of you are going to tell me to ask my Dr. and of course, I will. The problem is she tends to agree with whatever I say, so I wanted another opinion. Thank you