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Is 55 too low on the Diastolic for blood pressure?

4 Answers

Clane1985 12 June 2018

I'm not answering but I have a question. I'm 32 and I have a heart murmur I'm not on any heart medications but I had my blood pressure ran and typically it goes 102 over 69, with that said I seen the doctor yesterday and it was 121 / 54. Typically I never go above 110 and I never go below 64 and also I don't feel faint I feel just fine and I was at rest. The doctor didn't seem real nervous about it because she acted like her machine wasn't working right but I'm worried period with that heart murmur I may be looking at Future open heart surgery so I'm kind of scared does anybody have any answers is that normal? I'm a stay-at-home mom and I rarely exercise I just need to know if I need to go see a heart doctor.

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haleydburton 3 July 2018

I'm a registered nurse working in a Coronary ICU. My specialty is cardiology, and I would definitely see a cardiologist if I were you. A heart murmur is not normal, and changes in your blood pressure could signal worsening of a heart valve problem. Many patients with aortic valve regurgitation have a low diastolic blood pressure. At the very least, they could do an echo (ultrasound of your heart) and keep tabs on your ventricular and valvular function.

kaw06 12 Aug 2013

It is low but mine runs About that all the time. So did my dad's and he lived to be 85 lol

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endlessPred 12 Aug 2013

Actually it depends upon what you are doing and if you had recently exercised. It is lower if you are taking beta blockers or a similar med when at rest. It can vary quite a bit depending upon how you are feeling emotionally as well.

To know what your current BP is, the following may help you. Lay down completely relaxed. First do left arm. Then do right arm. See if they are close in numbers. Now, Do this sitting and keep legs uncrossed and no talking. Next. Stand up. Do the same while standing, no talking. Record those. If they are very similar, won't be identical, then you are doing fine for you. If not close then the doctor needs to know.


If there is a real difference then get in to see the doctor soon. BP changes often. If one becomes agitated, anxious and frightened, it will be very different than totally peaceful. People who exercise a lot have much lower BP than those who do not. Your physician will discuss with you the range you ought to have, again, it depends upon medications, general health and so forth.

50 something may be a one time occurrence. The trend is important. Also, taking multiple BP readings on the same arm in a short time will give false readings. Let there be time between intervals.

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Inactive 12 Aug 2013

Excellent advice -EndessPred = Excellent Advice

endlessPred 14 Aug 2013

Apparently Marti, you said elsewhere you are taking a beta blocker. Talk with the doctor to adjust you dose. I just started atenolol and take a tiny dose of 12.5mg. Since my pulse is getting too low instead of too high, we are going to try half of that. Apparently aim very sensitive to this medication.

Marvell 11 Aug 2013

55 is a bit low for diastolic pressure.

It would actually be classed as low blood pressure. Please see your doctor if you haven't done so already.

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