I was tested positive for trichomoniasis in September. I was prescribed the 4 pills metronidazole to take as an single dose. I had ate a meal & after an hour took the 4 pills as I was told to do. I had felt sick to my stomach but ignored it and went to sleep the whole day. Hours passed & I had woke up & threw up. Now, thing is i still have the strong odor. I use douches, even stopped using douches to give a chance for my body to clean itself out naturally but the odor is still there ! The burning while peeing went away and everything but not the odor. Was the pills not strong enough? Did I needed more? Or me throwing up made the pills not really work? & no I haven’t had sex ever since I found out I came out positive. But i know this isn’t normal for me to still have this odor and I also haven’t even been discharging. I’m really worried. It bothers me not knowing if I’m completely healthy & that I may still have this. Thinking about getting an check up.