I got prescribed 20mg of the instant release adderall twice a day about 3 days ago. I'm 18 and have never taken medication for my ADD before. From the research online this seems like a high starting dose so was wondering if this could be because he thinks I have rather bad ADD. The first day I decided to only take one pill and it helped enormously as I was able to write a 7 page essay in a little over an hour; something that would have taken over 5 hours without it. The next day I took it about 40 min before school. I was able to get a lot done but after about 2.5 hours or so hours I noticed my productivity had noticeably dropped. About 7 hours after my 1st dose I took my 2nd which didn't seem to do all that much although I was diffidently getting more done then I would have off it. Would it possibly be better to break each pill into 2 and take maybe the other half 2 hours after taking the first half? I would be great-full for any input. Sorry about the wall of text as I have taken my first dose 2 hours ago.