I suffer from migraines and have recently been trying to cut back on my paracetamol use as I've had to take them nearly daily for over 8 years. I was trying to cut my doses in half. Instead of taking a full dose of 2 x 500mg of paracetamol every four hours, I would only take 1 500mg, then if the pain didn't subside, I'd take another inside the four hour window, usually about 2 hours after my first dose. I thought that once I didn't exceed the max dose (2 x 500) in 4 hours that there was no difference between taking 1 every two hours rather than 2 every four hours. I'm panicking now that I've done damage because of this. I never exceed the maximum daily dose and I don't mean I take them every two hours all day. After I take the second tablet two hours after the first one, I tend to leave 4-6 hours after that last tablet just to make sure I'm not overloading my system. I'm terrified of liver failure, hence my reason for cutting back on pain relief. Will doing this cause harm?