Treatments for Dairy Cattle

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z B-Complex Vitamin Gel
B.B. Jell-Udder Balm
B<sub>12</sub> Vitamin Gel
Bac-Drop Udder Wash
Back Rubbing Solution
Bactracillin G
Bag Balm Ointment
Bag Salve
Balance Stress & Dehydration Aid
Banamine Injectable Solution
Banamine Sterile Injectable Solution
Bar Bait
Bar Somnus 2P
Bar Vac 7/Somnus
Bar Vac CD/T
Bar-Vac 7
Bar-Vac 8
Bar-Vac CD
Barrier Livestock Wound Care
Baytril 100
Baytril 100 (enrofloxacin) 100 mg/mL Antimicrobial Injectable Solution
Bell's Cattle Cathartic
BetaStar Plus
Bimectin Injection
Bimectin Injection for Cattle and Swine
Bimectin Pour-On
Bimectin Pour-On
Bio Gel
Bio-Barn Clean
Bio-Barn Foam
Bio-Kao-Vet Suspension
Bio-Mycin 200
Bio-Mycin 200
Bio-MZ P
Bio-MZ Sol
BioSentry 904 Disinfectant
BioSentry Acid-A-Foam
BioSentry BioQuat 20 Disinfectant
BioSentry Chlor-A-Foam
BioSentry Universal Barn Cleaner
Biostart Paste
Biozide Gel
Biozide Puffer
Bismu-Kote Suspension
Bismusal Suspension
Bismuth Oral Suspension
Bismuth Subsalicylate
Bismuth Subsalicylate Suspension
Bloat Guard
Bloat Guard Liquid Type A Medicated Article
Bloat Guard Medicated Top Dressing
Bloat Guard Type A Medicated Article
Bloat Release
Bloat Treatment
Blood Stop Powder
Blood Stop Powder
Blood Stopper
Blu-Gard Teat Dip
Blue Lotion
Blue Lotion Spray
Blue Lotion Topical Spray
BlueLite C
Bolisorb Jr.
Bolisorb Max
Boltan III
Booster P S Conc.
Boot Hill Rodenticide Bulk Pellets
Boot Hill Rodenticide Mini Block
Boot Hill Rodenticide Paraffin Block II
Boot Hill Rodenticide Pellets Place Packs
Boss Pour-On Insecticide
Boss Pour-On Insecticide
Bovatec 150 FP
Bovatec 20 Medicated Premix
Bovatec 91
Bovatec Liquid 20
BovaTrate Paste
Bovi Caps
Bovi Fresh Oral Calcium Supplement (Tech Mix)
Bovi Fresh Oral Calcium Supplement (Vets Plus)
Bovi Plus
Bovi Plus-P
Bovi-Fresh YMCP
Bovi-Kote 75
Bovi-Sera Serum Antibodies
Bovi-Shield 4
Bovi-Shield GOLD 5
Bovi-Shield GOLD 5
Bovi-Shield GOLD BVD
Bovi-Shield GOLD BVD
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 L5
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 L5 HB
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 L5 HB
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 VL5
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 VL5
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 VL5 HB
Bovi-Shield GOLD IBR-BVD
Bovi-Shield GOLD One Shot
Bovi-Shield GOLD One Shot
Bovi-Shield IBR
Bovi-Shield IBR-PI<sub>3</sub>
Bovib-Lepto 5
Bovine BlueLite
Bovine BlueLite 2Bw
Bovine Bluelite Capsules
Bovine BlueLite Pellets
Bovine CPR Capsules
Bovine CPR Supplement
Bovine Ecolizer
Bovine Ecolizer+C 20
Bovine Ecolizer+C 20
Bovine Enterichek
Bovine Enterichek Crypto
Bovine Gastrafate
Bovine GoldLyte
Bovine Pili Shield
Bovine Pili Shield+C
Bovine Virus Diarrhea Vaccine
BP-1 Encapsulator
BP-1 Maximum Probiotic Paste
BP-1 Multi-Species Probiotic Paste
BP-1 Plus Natural E Bovine
BP-1 Probiotic & Dietary Supplement +E
BP-1 Probiotic and Dietary Supplement
BP-1 Special Blend
BP1 Encapsulator
BRD Shield
Brucella Abortus Vaccine (Strain RB-51)
Buffer Gel
Buffered Alcohol 70%
Bugwacker 600
Bugwacker Fogging Solution Insecticide
Bugwacker Tall Insecticide
BVD Shield 3

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