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Veterinary Product Database

The most complete and concise veterinary product reference available, featuring over 5,000 pharmaceutical, biological, diagnostic, feed medications and parasiticide product monographs categorized by species and treatment type. This comprehensive database contains treatment options for a variety of animals including pets, livestock and numerous exotic species.

Veterinary Information

Information from over 90 manufacturers/distributors containing instructional images and diagrams, reader-friendly charts - including Parasiticides and Anthelmintics, Withdrawal Times and Biologicals.

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A A O E All Purpose Deodorizing Pet Wipes → Acevet 25 Injectable Acevet 25 Tablets → Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Dogs Advantage 10 (imidacloprid) Topical Solution for Dogs and Puppies (7 Weeks and Older, Under 10 lbs.) → Allerderm Efa-Caps HP Allerderm Efa-Caps HP → Amoxicillin SP Amoxil Tablets (100 mg) → Apralan Aquacalm → Aurocin Ear Cleanser Aurocin Flush → Aztec Gold Germicidal Pre & Post Milking Teat Dip (Base) B B ComplexVET → Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Spot On For Dogs (15-30 lbs.) (Refill Pack) Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Spot On For Dogs (15-30 lbs.) with Reusable Applicator → Bird and Reptile Bene-Bac Plus Powder Bird and Reptile Bene-Bac Plus Powder → Bovib-Lepto 5 BoviCare-cp → Bursal Disease-Marek's Disease Vaccine (BUR-CELL 1+2) (Standard, Chicken and Turkey) Bursal Disease-Marek's Disease Vaccine, Serotype 3, Live Virus → BVD Shield 3 C C & D Antitoxin → Caliber 3 Caliber 7 → Carprieve Injection Carprofen Caplets → Chlor 100 Granular Premix Chlor 250 Granular Premix → CL Mare Replacer CL Mare Replacer → CMPK with D3 Oral Drench CMPK-Plus → Composure Chews Small Canine Formula Composure Chews Small Canine Formula → Cosequin Equine Original Powder Cosequin For Cats → Cyzmic CS D D-128 → Denagard Liquid Concentrate 12.5% Denagard Medicated Premix → Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-On Dermoscent Essential 6 spot-on for cats → Distemink Distox-Plus → Droncit (praziquantel) Canine Tablets Droncit (praziquantel) Feline Tablets → Dystosel E E & Selenium → Electrolytes Concentrated Electrolytes Plus → Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste Enzadent Oral Care Chews for cats → Equine Bluelite Equine BlueLite Jel → Esbilac Liquid Esbilac Powder → EZ-Willow Poultice F Factrel → Feline Plasma, Fresh Frozen Feline Red Blood Cells → Fluid Action HA Liquid FluMeglumine → Fostera PRRS Fostera PRRS → FullBucket Equine Probiotic Granules FullBucket Equine Probiotic Paste → Fusogard G GABArex Calming Oral Solution → Glo-H GLS Powder → Guard & Wound Spray Guardian → Gzyme3 H H-20 → Hartz InControl Flea & Tick Topical Drops for Dogs & Puppies (31-60 lbs) Hartz InControl Flea & Tick Topical Drops for Dogs & Puppies (4-15 lbs) → Hemostop Powder Hepagen-C → Hot Nail Solution Hot Spots → Hyvisc I I-deal Barrier Teat Dip → Ingelvac PRRS MLV Ingelvac-HPE → Ivermax Equine Oral Liquid Ivermax Equine Paste Dewormer → Ivomec Premix for Swine 0.6% J J-5 Escherichia Coli Bacterin → Juvita Pro-B Feline K K O E, Kennel Odor Eliminator → KetoHex Flush KetoHex Shampoo → Kurogel L L O E, Laundry Odor Eliminator → LevaMed Soluble Pig Wormer Levamisole Hydrochloride Soluble Pig Wormer → Lopatol 100 Lopatol 500 → Lyte P
M M-Eloxyn → Maxi / Guard Zn7 Derm Spray Maxi / Guard Zn7 Derm Spray → Milk Fever CP Milk for Kittens → Multimune M Multinet → Myristol for Cats N Nano E → NexGard Chewable Tablets 136.0 mg NexGard Chewable Tablets 28.3 mg → Noromectin Pour-On Noromectin Pour-On for Cattle → nvKetoprofen Tablets (20 mg) nvKetoprofen Tablets (5 mg) → NVW-Vitablend O O B Lube → Optixcare Eye Lube + Hyaluron Optixcare L-Lysine Chews → Ovusyn OWG → Oxyvet 200 LA P P.G. 600 → Penject+B Pennchlor 100 G → Phenylbute Injection 20% Phenylbute Paste → Porcine Pili Shield Porcine Pili Shield+C → PraziJect Praziquantel Injection → Probios Dispersible Powder Probios Dog Treats (Digestion Support) → Prophy Paste Cups PropoFlo (propofol) → PUREFORM - Alfalfa Support (Equine) PUREFORM - Alfalfa Support (Equine) → Pyrethrin Dip Q QuadFlex EQ → Quitt Supplement R R-Pen → Rejuvenate Relax & Calm Chews for Cats & Small Dogs → Revalor-S Revalor-XS → Rx Vitamins Immuno Support Rx Vitamins Liqui-Carn → RXV-PP-1 (Porcine Probiotic Paste) S S-706 → Selenium and Vitamin E Powder with Lactobacillus Selenium with Vitamin E → Septi-Lube SEPTI-serum → Shur Hoof Deep Penetrating Hoof Moisturizer Shur Hoof Hoof Supplement → Soluble Colostrum Bolus Forte Soluble Colostrum Powder → Stress-Dex SB StressMate → Suppressor-Dairy Supra Sulfa III Calf Bolus → Systum T T 500 → The Missing Link Canine Veterinary Formula The Missing Link Feline Veterinary Formula → Torbugesic Torbugesic → Triumph NI Trivac-Ark → Tylovet Soluble U U-Gard Rx Powder → Univet Leg Solution UriFlex → Uva Ursi Leaves V V & M Probiotic Pak → Vet-Kem Ovitrol BreakAway Dual Action Flea & Tick Collar for Cats and Kittens Vet-Kem Ovitrol Dual Action Collar for Cats & Kittens → Veterinary Botanicals Immune / Mushroom Blend Veterinary Botanicals Pet Probiotic & Digestive Enzyme Blend → VetRx for Cats and Kittens VetRx for Dogs and Puppies → Vita Charge Stress Tub Vita E & Selenium Crumbles → Vitamin B12 5000 µg / mL Vitamin B12 5000 mcg → VVMD-Vac + Bursine-2 W Wart Ade → Wrm Clear X X-Ject SA → Xylazine HCl Injection Y Y-Tex Brute Pour-on Insecticide → YUCK! No Chew Spray Z ZACTRAN → Zymox Topical Spray with Hydrocortisone