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The most complete and concise veterinary product reference available, featuring over 5,000 pharmaceutical, biological, diagnostic, feed medications and parasiticide product monographs categorized by species and treatment type. This comprehensive database contains treatment options for a variety of animals including pets, livestock and numerous exotic species.

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Information from over 90 manufacturers/distributors containing instructional images and diagrams, reader-friendly charts - including Parasiticides and Anthelmintics, Withdrawal Times and Biologicals.

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A A O E All Purpose Deodorizing Pet Wipes → Activated Charcoal Paste with Sorbitol Activated Clay Gel → Advantage 18 (imidacloprid) Topical Solution for Cats and Kittens (8 Weeks and Older, Over 9 lbs.) Advantage 18 Flea Adulticide (cat) → Allerderm Spot-On for Medium & Large Dogs Allerderm Spot-On for Medium & Large Dogs → Amprolium-P 9.6% Oral Solution AmproMed for Calves 20% Soluble Powder → Artec Ultra Conditioning Teat Dip ArthriEase V-P Concentrated Joint Formula for Dogs & Cats → AvailaSow AvailaZ / M → Aztec Gold Germicidal Pre & Post Milking Teat Dip (Base) B B ComplexVET → Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Collar For Small Dogs Bio Spot Active Care Flea & Tick Home Spray → BismuKote Paste for Medium & Large Dogs BismuKote Paste for Small Dogs → Bovi-Shield GOLD One Shot Bovi-Shield IBR → Bursimune Bursimune → BVD Shield 3 C C & D Antitoxin → CaliciVax Calm Balance EQ Gel → CarraVet Acemannan Wound Gel CarraVet Gel Sheet → Chlor 250 Granular Premix Chlor 50 Granular Premix → CL Ewe Replacer CL Mare Replacer → ClotrimaTop Clotrimazole 1% Topical Solution, USP Clotrimazole Solution → Component T-H Component T-H with Tylan → Cortisoothe Shampoo Cortisoothe Shampoo → Cyzmic CS D D-128 → Dentees Chews Dentees Stars → Dexamethasone Solution (2 mg / mL) Dexamethasone Solution 2 mg / mL → Dolpac 10 for dogs Dolpac 2 for dogs → Duralactin Canine Duralactin Canine & Feline Liquid → Dystosel* E E & Selenium → Elimin Odor Pet Stain Eliminator Eliminator Ear Tags → Epakitin Epakitin → Equine Gastralox Ulcer-Colic Equine Generator → Essential-AD Estradiol Cypionate in Oil → Eye Rinse F Factrel → Feline Plasma Feline Plasma, Fresh Frozen → Flunazine Injectable Solution Flunazine-S Injectable Solution → Fostera PCV MH Fostera PRRS → Fusogard G G.I. Conditioner Micro Pellets → Glucaminolyte Forte Glucaminolyte Forte Oral Solution → Gzyme<sup>3< / sup> H H-20 → Hartz InControl Topical Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats & Kittens Hartz Precision Nutrition Adult Cat Multivitamins → HepaPet M / L HepaPet Small → Hydra-Lyte Hydro B 1020 → Hyvisc I I-deal Barrier Teat Dip → Innovax-ILT-SB Innovax-ND → Ivermax Pour-On for Cattle (Norbrook) Ivermax Sheep Oral Drench → Ivomec Premix for Swine 0.6% J J-5 Escherichia Coli Bacterin → Juvita Pro-B Feline K K O E, Kennel Odor Eliminator → KetoChlor Shampoo Ketofen → Kurogel L L O E, Laundry Odor Eliminator → LeptoVax 4 / C Leukocell 2 → Longlife by Hartz 90 Day Brand Collar for Cats Longlife by Hartz 90 Day Brand Collar for Dogs → Lyte P
M M-Eloxyn → Maxi / Guard Zn 4.5 Otic Maxi / Guard Zn7 Derm → Micro Pearls Advantage Dermal-Soothe Anti-Itch Shampoo Micro Pearls Advantage Dermal-Soothe Anti-Itch Spray → Multi-Pak / 256 Multi-Phenolic Disinfectant → Myristol for Cats N Nano E → Niacin Bolus Niacin-Energy Drench Plus Vitamins → Noromycin LA Noromycin LA 300 → NVW-Vitablend O O B Lube → Oral Keto-Energy Gel Oral Ketonia Drench → Oxy Tetra Forte Oxy Tetra-A → Oxyvet 200 LA P P.G. 600 → Pennchlor 100 G Pennchlor 100 Hi-Flo Meal → Phenylbute Powder Phenylpropanolamine Chewable Tablets (25 mg) → Potassium Citrate Granules Potassium Citrate Plus Cranberry Chewable Tablets → PrednisTab Prefarrow Shield 9 → Probiotic Everyday Pro Probiotic Paste → Proviable-EQ Proviable-EQ Paste → Pyoben Gel Pyoben Medicated Shampoo → Pyrethrin Dip Q QuadraClear → Quitt Supplement R R-Pen → Relax & Calm Dog Gel Relax-UM → Revolution Revolution (120 mg) → Rx Vitamins Rx Essentials for Cats Rx Vitamins Rx Essentials for Dogs → RXV-PP-1 (Porcine Probiotic Paste) S S-706 → SDT-Guard SE Guard → SentryHome Household Flea and Tick Spray SentryPro Flea and Tick Dog and Cat Spray → Shin-O-Gel Shor-Bron-D → Somubac Somubac → Stretch Run Gel Strike III Poultry Dewormer → Sure Start Plus Sure-Start Plus → Systum T T 500 → The Missing Link Feline Veterinary Formula The Missing Link Feline Veterinary Formula → TorphaJect SA Totacide-28 → TruProfen Caplets Tryptophan Plus Gel Nutri-Care → Tylovet Soluble U U-Gard Rx Powder → Uterine Proteolytic Bolus Uva Ursi Leaves → Uva Ursi Leaves V V & M Probiotic Pak → Vet-Kem Siphotrol Plus Area Treatment Pump Spray for Homes Vet-Kem Siphotrol Plus Fogger → VetGuard Plus for Dogs (16 to 33 lbs) VetGuard Plus for Dogs (34 to 66 lbs) → VetzLife @-Eaze VetzLife Oral Care Gel Wild Salmon Oil → Vita-15 Injection Vita-B1 → Vitamin B12-5000 Injection Vitamin C → VVMD-Vac + Bursine-2 W Wart Ade → Wrm Clear X X-Ject E → Xylazine HCl Injection Y Y-Tex Brute Pour-on Insecticide → Yobine Injection Z ZACTRAN → Zymox Topical Spray with Hydrocortisone