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After taking suboxone, why does my urine analysis show oxycodone?

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3 Oct 2011

Hi and welcome to the site. I am not sure why it would show up. How much suboxone are you currently on and for how long?
I understand that subs do not show up as on opiate, however IF the urinalysis includes buprenorphine then it will show as positive. Could it be that the test included a search for bupe?


3 Oct 2011

Hey schoolfood,

Have you taken any oxycodone in the last week to 10 days? If you have, even though you are taking Suboxone now, it will show up.


Anonymous 3 Oct 2011

Hi Schoolfood, You have fallen victim to your name,school food is making you sick. HA! Not really. I agree with jillanne and Laurie. Suboxone contains a combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Buprenorphine is an Opioid similar to morphine & Codeine. You will fail any drug test involving Opioids, and they all test for that Good luck! Dave

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