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Menthol topical Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Warnings

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Feb 24, 2022.

Menthol topical is also known as: ActivICE, ActivOn Arthritis, ActivOn Joint & Muscle, Aspercreme Max No Mess Roll-On, Aspercreme Pain Relieving Heat Gel, BENGAY Vanishing Scent, Bengay Pain Relief+Massage, Bengay Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Patch, Biofreeze, Blue-Emu Maximum Strength Arthritis, Muscle & Joint Pain Relief, Cepacol Sore Throat From Post Nasal Drip, Deep Freeze Cold Gel, Flanax Cough Lozenges, Flexall, Gold Bond, Gold Bond Extra Strength, Halls Mentho-Lyptus Drops, Halls Naturals, Icy Hot Extra Strength, Icy Hot Medicated Patch, Luden's Honey Lemon Throat Drops, Luden's Honey Licorice Throat Drops, Mineral Ice, Strepsils Sore Throat and Blocked Nose, Vicks Cough Drops

Menthol topical Pregnancy Warnings

The manufacturer makes no recommendation regarding use during pregnancy.

AU TGA pregnancy category: Exempt
US FDA pregnancy category: Not assigned

Animal studies are not available. There are no controlled data in human pregnancy.

AU Exempt: Medications exempted from pregnancy classification are not absolutely safe for use in pregnancy in all circumstances. Some exempted medicines, for example the complementary medicine, St John's Wort, may interact with other medicines and induce unexpected adverse effects in the mother and/or fetus.

US FDA pregnancy category Not Assigned: The US FDA has amended the pregnancy labeling rule for prescription drug products to require labeling that includes a summary of risk, a discussion of the data supporting that summary, and relevant information to help health care providers make prescribing decisions and counsel women about the use of drugs during pregnancy. Pregnancy categories A, B, C, D, and X are being phased out.

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Menthol topical Breastfeeding Warnings

The manufacturer makes no recommendation regarding use during lactation.

Excreted into human milk: Yes

-Oral ingestion of menthol resulted in detectable levels in human milk; there are no data on the excretion of topical menthol into human milk.
-If used on the nipples, use after nursing and wipe off before the next nursing.

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