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Medical Questions (Page 81)

Is sunburn a side effect of prednisone? Should I avoid being in the sun while taking prednisone?

I am frequently out in the sun during the day. Is this going to be a problem while taking prednisone?

Answered 5 November 2018

Azithromycin - Can I drink a glass of wine at night if I have taken the medicine in the day?

I have been prescribed azithromycin and I'm wondering if it's OK to drink alcohol occasionally?

Answered 30 April 2019

When should you take pantoprazole?

First thing in the morning best? Or is any time okay?

Answered 18 April 2019

Can I take Claritin with Mucinex DM?

Are Claritin Allergy over-the-counter pills OK to be taken in conjunction with Mucinex DM pills?

Answered 18 April 2019

What is Desonide cream used for?

Answered 18 April 2019

How long after stopping methotrexate will it be completely out of my system?

I have been taking methotrexate 10mg every 3 days for treatment of severe plaque psoriasis. I require fusion for a spinal problem. The spinal fusion operation will not be done unless I stop taking the methotrexate. What I need to know is how long will it take to be completely out of my system. I have been taking it for about 3 years on this dose. My liver tests have always been good and I'm in good health.

Answered 6 November 2018

Is meloxicam very similar to Celebrex?

I used to take Celebrex, but because of insurance I've switched to meloxicam. Is it as good as Celebrex to decrease inflammation due to back or joint problems?

Answered 18 April 2019