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Solodyn (minocycline HCL) Extended Release Tablets 90 mg

Audience: Pharmacists, other healthcare professionals

[Posted 05/19/2008] Medicis and FDA notified healthcare professionals of the recall of lot numbers B080037 (Exp: 12/09) and B080038 (Exp: 12/09) of Solodyn Extended Release Tablets. The product was recalled because one of the bottles contained Azasan (azathioprine tablets) 75mg instead of Solodyn 90mg Tablets. Azasan is an immunosuppressive agent used in transplant patients to prevent kidney rejection and for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Taking Azasan instead of Solodyn presents a health hazard and safety risk to patients. Side effects associated with the use of Azasan, particularly in the elderly, include myelosuppression, infection, bleeding, chills, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Joint and muscle pain are also common side effects. Additionally, unanticipated interactions with other drugs may also lead to serious adverse events. The recall is limited to the lots referenced above. Healthcare professionals are urged to check their inventory and pull the referenced lot numbers from their stock and make arrangements with the manufacturer to return the product.

[May 16, 2008 - Press Release - Medicis]