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Lariam (mefloquine hydrochloride)

Audience: Pharmacists, infectious disease specialists and consumers

FDA and Roche Laboratories notified healthcare professionals of the introduction of the Lariam Medication Guide (MedGuide). The Lariam MedGuide was developed in collaboration with the FDA to help travelers better understand the risks of malaria, the risks and benefits associated with taking Lariam to prevent malaria, and the rare but potentially serious psychiatric adverse events associated with use of the drug. As required by law, a Lariam Medication Guide is supplied to patients each time Lariam is dispensed. Patients should be instructed to read the MedGuide when Lariam is received.

[September, 2003 Dear Healthcare Professional Letter - Roche] PDF Format
[September, 2003 Dear Pharmacist Letter - Roche] PDF Format
[September 30, 2003 Lariam Medication Guide - Roche Laboratories] PDF Format
[August, 2003 Full, revised label - Roche] PDF Format
[July 9, 2003 Press Release - FDA]