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DermaFreeze365 Products

Audience: Consumers, healthcare professionals

[Posted 03/28/2007] Woodridge Labs and FDA informed consumers and healthcare professionals of a recall of all lots of its DermaFreeze365 Instant Line Relaxing Formula and DermaFreeze365 Neck and Chest products. The products were recalled because certain lots tested positive for Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. The bacteria may cause serious eye infections, urinary tract infections, respiratory system infections, dermatitis, soft tissue infections, bacteremia, bone and joint infections, gastrointestinal infections and a variety of systemic infections, particularly in patients with severe burns and in cancer and AIDS patients who are immunosuppressed. Because DermaFreeze365 Instant Line Relaxing Formula may be applied in the area of the eye, there is a possibility that if the recalled product is inadvertently introduced in the eye, it could result in serious eye infections and, in rare circumstances, possible blindness.

[March 23, 2007 - Press Release - Woodridge Labs]