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Azathioprine Tablets, 50 mg

Audience: Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals

[Posted 07/13/2006] Roxane Laboratories and FDA notified pharmacists and other healthcare professionals of a nationwide recall of a single manufacturing lot of Azathioprine tablets, 50 mg (Lot 558470A, Exp Mar 2009) used to help prevent rejection in kidney transplant patients, and to manage severe rheumatoid arthritis. The recall was initiated due to concerns that bottles from this single lot # 558470A, labeled as Azathioprine may contain Methotrexate, 2.5 mg tablets. Information has been sent to pharmacists alerting them of the details pertaining to this recall. Pharmacists who may have dispensed Azathioprine tablets to patients from manufacturing lot 558470A are instructed to contact those patients to assure they did not inadvertently receive Methotrexate tablets.

[July 13, 2006 – Press Release – Roxane]