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American Health Herbs Ministry Eye Rinse Products

Audience: Ophthalmologists, other healthcare providers and consumers

Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies is conducting a voluntary nationwide-recall of all lots of four American Health & Herbs Ministry brand eye rinse products. These include Eye Rinse Concentrate formula 1036 live concentrated herbal tincture, White Willow Bark 3193 live concentrated herbal tincture, Fennel Seed 3126 live concentrated herbal tincture and Elderberry Flower 3247 live concentrated herbal tincture. This recall follows a FDA inspection which concluded manufacturing conditions and controls were insufficient to produce a sterile product. Non-sterile eye drops pose an unacceptable risk of causing eye infections, which in rare cases could lead to blindness.

[December 2, 2004 - Recall -- Firm Press Release - Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies]

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