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Acetaminophen, Dixon's 325 mg Tablet, Regular Strength

Audience: Pharmacists and consumers

Magno-Humphries, Inc., in cooperation with the FDA, voluntarily recalled one lot (504 bottles) of Dixon's®, APAP Acetaminophen 325 mg Analgesic Tablets, an over-the-counter drug product sold in 100 Tablet bottles with lot number 319687, Expiration Date 03/05. The tablets contained in the mislabeled bottles are 500 mg Acetaminophen, instead of 325 mg Acetaminophen. Overdoses of acetaminophen can lead to severe health problems including liver toxicity and liver failure. The acetaminophen was sold under the Dixon's® label at retail stores and pharmacies nationwide beginning in August 2003.

[December 4, 2003 Recall Notice - FDA]