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Mast cell stabilizers

What are Mast cell stabilizers

Mast cell stabilizers act on mast cells and prevent them from releasing substances that cause allergic reactions. They block a calcium channel that is important for degranulation (which occurs after exposure to specific antigens) of sensitized mast cells, and inhibits the release of histamine and slow-reacting substances of anaphylaxis. Mast cell stabilizers are used to prevent asthma attacks and the symptoms of seasonal or chronic allergic rhinitis.

List of Mast cell stabilizers:

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Intal Inhaler (More...)
generic name: cromolyn
5 reviews
Gastrocrom (Pro, More...)
generic name: cromolyn
2 reviews
Tilade (Pro, More...)
generic name: nedocromil
0 reviews
Intal (Pro, More...)
generic name: cromolyn
3 reviews

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