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Amylin analogs

What are Amylin analogs

Amylin analogs are used in the treatment of diabetes. They are stable synthetic compounds, which are administered subcutaneously before meals, and work similarly to the physiological amylin.

Amylin is a 37 amino acid polypeptide hormone that is secreted with insulin from the beta cells in the pancreas. In diabetes, as less insulin is secreted there is also a deficiency of amylin. Amylin assists insulin in postprandial glucose control. It inhibits glucagon secretion, delays gastric emptying and signals satiety, suppressing the intake of food.

List of Amylin analogs:

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SymlinPen 60 (More...)
generic name: pramlintide
1 review
Symlin (Pro, More...)
generic name: pramlintide
3 reviews
Symlin Pen (More...)
generic name: pramlintide
0 reviews
SymlinPen 120 (More...)
generic name: pramlintide
0 reviews

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