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MembraneBlue Dosage

Generic name: TRYPAN BLUE 0.75mg in 0.5mL
Dosage form: injection, solution
Drug class: Ophthalmic diagnostic agents

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Nov 15, 2021.

Make sure the plunger moves smoothly before use. Prime the syringe prior to use by retracting the plunger before injecting the fluid. Alternatively, twist the plunger into the stopper in a clockwise motion until tight. Once tight, continue turning the plunger in a clockwise motion until the stopper rotates freely within the syringe, two or three rotations. The syringe is now primed and suitable for injection.

Before injection of MembraneBlue™ 0.15% perform a 'fluid-air exchange', i.e. filling the entire vitreous cavity with air, to prevent aqeous dilution of MembraneBlue™ 0.15%. MembraneBlue™ 0.15% is carefully applied to the retinal membrane using a blunt cannula attached to the MembraneBlue™ 0.15% syringe, without allowing the cannula to contact or damage the retina. Sufficient staining is expected on contact with the membrane. All excess dye should be removed from the vitreous cavity before performing an air-fluid exchange, to prevent unnecessary spreading of the dye.

MembraneBlue™ 0.15% can also be injected directly in a BSS filled vitreous cavity (instead of injecting under air). Clinical use demonstrated that, after complete vitreous and posterior hyaloid removal, sufficient staining is achieved after 30 seconds of application under BSS.

MembraneBlue™ 0.15% is intended to be applied directly on the areas where membranes could be present, staining any portion of the membrane which comes in contact with the dye. The dye does not penetrate the membrane.

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