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E-Z Disk Dosage

Generic name: BARIUM SULFATE 700mg
Dosage form: tablet
Drug class: Non-iodinated contrast media

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Nov 28, 2023.

This tablet is most useful in patients experiencing dysphagia, particularly in those whose findings are deemed inconclusive by conventional methods. The problems associated with obtaining satisfactory films exhibiting complete filling of the pharynx and cricopharyngeal area make for difficult diagnosis in this region. In such cases, failure of the tablet to freely pass this site may indicate significant esophageal disease as cause of the symptoms, and may warrant further videographic studies.

The patient should be instructed to swallow one tablet intact, with the aid of one or two swallows of water, just prior to fluoroscopic examination.
Note: Using a tablet of known diameter (½ inch) not only illustrates the presence of a significant narrowing of the esophagus, but also provides a simple technique to measure the lumen at the site of the stricture. The most routinely used esophagoscope has external diameter of 36 French, and thus a tablet of corresponding half-inch diameter was selected. The actual diameter (in inches) of the narrow site is one-half the ratio of its measure value on the film to the measure of the tablet

Upon swallowing the tablet, the patient experiences no significant discomfort, and fluid passes around the tablet without difficulty.

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