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User Reviews for Pitocin

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Labor Induction 4.6
5 reviews 6 medications
Summary of Pitocin reviews 4.6 5 reviews

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Reviews for Pitocin

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month May 11, 2020

For Labor Induction: “I had a wonderful experience on pitocin. No side effects and labor pains were manageable. Hoping to be induced again this time!”

10 / 10
Kate February 2, 2020

For Labor Induction: “I was a low risk mom that has long labors, but pushed into Pitocin. 11 hours on Pitocin while I told them that they were not stopping, I begged for an epidural. I’m certain that the monitors missed the distress my daughter was in while the staff just kept treating me like a drama queen as I told them repeatedly that I was dying. Eliza was vacuumed out of me. She was born with low oxygen and blood levels and they could not resuscitate her. The Pitocin literally squeezed her to death. She passed away three hours later. I was told that she must’ve had a heart defect that was missed despite the fact that I knew it was the labor drugs. I could barely handle it, so how could she?!? A week later, I was readmitted for “postpartum preeclampsia”, but I was a walking water balloon. I lost 11 pounds of fluids in 24 hours on magnesium. It took three people to draw my blood. I am sure that it was water toxicity and a side affect of the Pitocin. I’m probably lucky to have survived myself.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month January 29, 2020

For Labor Induction: “It caused my baby to have heart decels and my first c-section. I ran fever and vomiting, excruciating pain, no dilation. I don’t recommend”

1 / 10
Half dead · Taken for less than 1 month July 13, 2019

For Labor Induction: “It killed my wife and the baby, they need to tell all the cons, and side effects of this - not just the pros”

1 / 10
Ms.Adame August 15, 2014

For Labor Induction: “They used Pitocin to induce all of my three labors. It was effective right away...I dilated very quickly and experienced no side effects. Very happy with it!”

10 / 10