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User Reviews for Mycophenolic acid

Brand names: Myfortic

Mycophenolic acid has an average rating of 8.8 out of 10 from a total of 8 reviews on 75% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 0% reported a negative experience.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Dermatomyositis  Off-label
4 reviews 16 medications
Rejection Prophylaxis  
4 reviews 3 medications
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Anonymous · August 25, 2009

Myfortic (mycophenolic acid) for Rejection Prophylaxis "I had a liver and kidney transplant and have been on Myfortic for at least 4 years after being switched from regular mycophenalate. Both medicines have worked well for me for years. The only negative I've had is periods of severe diarrhea with very little ability to control it. Once the dose was lowered this symptom is now tolerable."

10 / 10
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SCJHKJ · June 26, 2009

Myfortic (mycophenolic acid) for Rejection Prophylaxis "Due to a lung transplant I have been on Myfortic for just under a year. During this time I've had two high potassium episodes where I was hospitalized due to eating to many dark green vegetables. Even with the side effects this drug along with Prednisone and Prograf have proven very effective."

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Force... · September 30, 2016

For Rejection Prophylaxis "Have muscle weakness, anxious , extreme joint pain, shaky hands some tingly numbness in fingers and feet, restless sleep crying at the drop of a hat, iribility nervousness, forgetfulness and short term memory loss. But I'm alive and thankful to God for my transplant. Heart transplant 2005 at the University of Kentucky Hospital."

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Nadie · November 10, 2020

For Dermatomyositis "I’ve been taking mycophenolic acid for a year and my symptoms are well controlled with no side effects whatsoever. It is pricier than Cellcept (copay is $100 per month!) but Cellcept made my heart race."

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lfair · Taken for 1 to 2 years · July 24, 2020

For Dermatomyositis "Started originally on Cellcept and felt significantly better and Dermatomyositis rash was well controlled until I had sudden onset of GI symptoms. Doc immediately took me off then started me on Myfortic and although GI is better I don't think it works as well as Cellcept. I may be considering a change to MTX."

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Jen · Taken for 1 to 6 months · May 2, 2023

Myfortic (mycophenolic acid) for Rejection Prophylaxis "I switched from mycophenolate capsules to myfortic due to horrendous stomach cramping and some diarrhea. I’ve been taking myfortic for 7 weeks. I’ve experienced milder GI issues including vague stomach soreness, increased bloating, and gas pains after eating that cause belching, also having occasional constipation, and intermittent sharp side pains. I’ve also experienced some bladder pressure. Hoping these will get better with time and hopefully reduction of dose in the future. It seems to be doing its job well in combination with envarsus as an anti-rejection medication so far."

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Nhart... · December 5, 2010

Myfortic (mycophenolic acid) for Dermatomyositis "Had no side effects. "

8 / 10
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Chipn... · Taken for 1 to 2 years · October 24, 2022

For Dermatomyositis "I’ve been taking Mycophenolate Mofetil for 9 months. I believe it’s been helping me with my Dermatomyositis. I have not had any serious side effects, other than possibly heartburn"

9 / 10
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