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User Reviews for Benzalkonium chloride / lidocaine topical to treat Bacterial Skin Infection

Also known as: A + D Cracked Skin Relief, Dr Scholl's Cracked Heel Relief, Bactine Original, First Aid Antiseptic, Mercuroclear

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Reviews for Benzalkonium chloride/lidocaine

Jjh · Taken for less than 1 month April 15, 2019

Bactine Original (benzalkonium chloride / lidocaine): "I burned my finger on a hot tea kettle. I immediately applied a cold pack to it and got some relief, but soon after I removed the cold pack it began to hurt again. Then I remembered as a kid we used to use Bactine for burns. I searched through our medicine cabinet and found a bottle that had to be at least 20 years old. I wasn’t sure it would still work but I figured it wouldn’t do any harm. I applied it to my finger and the pain was gone in less than a minute. Wow! Later that night still no pain but I applied it a second time just for good measures. That was the last time I applied it and the pain never returned! Everyone should keep some of this stuff around."

CindiJ1970 · Taken for 10 years or more September 19, 2018

A + D Cracked Skin Relief (benzalkonium chloride / lidocaine): "I’ve tried A & D Ointment on several occasions since it’s widely used for healing for tattoos. Sadly one day I had a VERY BAD adverse reaction, where my skin started to slough off, and the plasma started oozing profusely! It was extremely painful and very irritated. Dr’s had no idea why I suddenly started having a bad reaction to the ointment after all the years of usage. But now I can no longer use any form whatsoever of A & D ointments for fear of reaction of respiratory problems, and additional seizure symptoms. I'm definitely allergic to it"

Anonymous December 7, 2009

A + D Cracked Skin Relief (benzalkonium chloride / lidocaine): "I have severe cracked skin on my hands. I've tried many different products - my skin is extremely sensitive. This product helps heal my skin, does not sting and is not greasy (important when using for hands). This is the best product I've found for my condition, but it is hard to find - my drugstore can't even order it for me anymore."


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